Do you know “all or nothing” people who when looking for a change in how life is going need neon signs, or brass bands to announce the shift has taken place?  In Law of Attraction circles people jump to the conclusion that “Nothing’s happening – I’m still living pay check to pay check,” when they expected a windfall within 30 days.


Kelly is a friend of mine who dove into an abundance course with vigor – doing the daily meditations, journaling, speaking affirmations over and over as she ran her 3 miles. She believed that her financial picture would turn around giving her more peace of mind and financial freedom, and her focus was intense.

Several days into the course she opened her mail to find an unexpected insurance refund check for $.05.  Five cents?  The postage to send it cost 9x the value of the check!

When she told me her story she admitted to feeling disappointed that it was such a small amount – she wanted to believe that her reward for all her dedicated work could have been $50, or $500!  But then she started to laugh – at the absurdity of a check for five cents, for her expectations and desire for instant gratification.


What I have come to respect in my own learning curve with practicing LOA manifestation principles is that how and when abundance lands in your lap has nothing to do with how and when YOU think it should arrive, and is nothing about how much you might feel you need it, but more likely is determined by the quirky Universal humor at work.

In fact, feeling intensity of “need” for financial relief is likely one of the ways you throw yourself out of receiving abundance, as the energy of needing feels desperate and I doubt my ability to care for myself financially.  Downward spiral!

Contrast that with the feeling of clear desire – the excitement of wondering what will happen next, or imagining how money will find its way to you is hopeful, we’re trusting there is a solution even when we can’t see it. The energy of desire and anticipation is positive and attractive to receiving and a whole lot more fun than feeling needy, right?

If you were the Universe who would you rather play with, given the choice of a needy, anxious pessimistic person, or the optimist whose eyes twinkle with curiosity?  Did I mention that pay-offs could happen in quirky, unexpected, and surprising ways?


Kate drove an old car that had served her well for over 20 years and she wasn’t in a position to replace it.   She had a premonition that something was going to happen, and was not surprised when a drunk driver totaled Kate’s car – while it was parked at the curb outside her home!  No one was hurt and the insurance check enabled Kate to purchase a great little low mileage car.

Three big trees crashed into my yard damaging the roof of the garage.  The insurance check paid for the repairs and provided me with stability through the summer.  What could have been seen as a disaster became a much appreciated gift of financial security.





When working with LOA manifesting practice consider keeping your eyes peeled for small signs and signals that you’re bringing a shift into your habitual way of living.  Look for the ‘five cent checks’ and revel in the success of attracting what you desire to you, even if it’s small!

Make a list right now of ways you see the Universe responding to your requests:     for more money, more free time, or even amorous advances by a single male, for example. No matter that it’s the neighbor’s 10 month old son who’s unusually animated wanting to come into your arms! Kiss the cute little cherub and be assured you are the attractive woman you long to be, and enjoy the humor of the message that your request was indeed heard!

Decide how you want to feel about small steps: when reading your list, will you feel discouraged or delighted, or even amused, seeing where you’re part of the Universe’s joke? Kelly decided to see her five cent check as a message that her requests for financial abundance were being heard. By laughing, feeling pleased or surprised, you boost your energy up the feeling scale which supports you to receive in more generous ways the next go-around.

Check your assumptions next time a “disaster” comes along: could there be a gift hidden inside?  Look for it, call it out and expect the best.  If someone cracks the toilet bowl you may get not only a new toilet but a great new floor and fresh paint in your bathroom – you were asking for a remodel, weren’t you and maybe your homeowner’s policy will foot the bill?


 I challenge you to keep your eyes peeled – to catch sight of the subtle signs of change in your life.  To feel excited about your little steps of success and let them buoy you up.  Be willing to “change your mind” over and over, moving out of discouraged thoughts to those that reflect

what’s right with you.  Stay open to receiving abundance in unexpected ways and look for the humor.  Celebrate when “five cent checks” turn into $10, and become 10 checks for $10 each!  Feel your momentum picking up?   And don’t forget to say a heart-felt “THANK YOU” to the Universe – often – for the ways you’re supported and cared for on your life’s journey.   Here’s to your success!


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