Celebration time…

Certification has been granted me from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy as a Law of Attraction Life Coach.  The journey began a year ago saying yes to an offer to join a group of students embarking on learning to become life coaches and small business owners.  Was it too good to be true?  Could I trust these people to bring me all that I needed to know to successfully recreate myself through both career change and inner transformation?  Would this considerable tuition be the investment in ME and my future that I longed for yet struggled to articulate?

No, Yes, and Yes!  What a wonderful experience this year has been!  I have learned through experience the power of on-going coaching support to activate my leaps in growth past life-time habits of sabotage, fear, self-doubt and limited view.  I have witnessed leaps made by my peers and clients feeling gratitude and excitement for their life changes and feel such deep respect for the energetic support provided by the Universe for our transformations.

I have opened to a whole new way of living my life and am loving it.  I would invite you to jump into this lake of possibility – consider requesting your COMPLIMENTARY COACHING SESSION to find out what gifts are waiting for you!