Taking Charge of Your Life!

Kelly just made my day by writing a comment that just oozed with excitement and a commitment to create the life of her dreams!  I wonder what flipped on her “YES!” switch to move from being “just ok” with her life,( or maybe it was enduring her life) to taking charge and seeking the steps toward clearly seeing or knowing what it was she wanted for herself.

You may have come to “intersections” in your life where you stopped and were invited to choose to go forward or make a turn on your life road.  Were there signs that told of coming attractions to the left, lodging or food off to the right, or road work ahead?

My experience is that many times these signs are subtle and the choices not entirely clear in the moment, but looking in my rear-view mirror I understand that I just made a lucky guess to turn here as this road leads toward a job I’d love or to meet someone who will become a creative partner for my project.

There have been times I’ve turned onto a road that turned to gravel with more than a few pot holes – would you turn around and make a different choice?  I hope I’d have the good sense to do that too!

A year ago I turned onto an expressway that seemed pretty spendy but proved itself to be a wonderful decision.  I leaped into Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy as a student learning to be a Law of Attraction Life Coach and small business owner and am finishing that course with skills, confidence, contacts, and business/marketing ideas that are new and exciting. Certification is next and I am filled with gratitude for finding my way to who I am today.

Christy is making informational videos available prior to taking applications for the Fall ’12 class registration in September.  I’d love to suggest you give them a look to see if there are untravelled roads here waiting for your exploration.

Follow the link and enter your name and email, and QSCA will send you the videos to watch.  Best of all you get to get a feel for who Christy is – a young, talented, joyful, enthusiastic business woman who makes good on her promises and shares generously with others the wisdom and skills she has learned.  https://christywhitman.infusionsoft.com/go/freetraining/solutions

I’d be happy to talk to anyone who would like to hear more about this program and this path of service as Life Coach and can be reached at solutionsx3atpeakdotorg.  I’d love to hear your stories of how you got tapped to transform your life as well!  It would make good sharing here to encourage others to say “YES!” to their life and to find points of interest along the road of life.

Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy


Coaching Update…

What’s the deal with SOLUTIONS and WELL-BEING?

People tuned into Lack see problems everywhere.  People who are turned on to Abundance see SOLUTIONS!  There are no limits, just many possibilities.  How well do you think you can be when you find you love and care for yourself, feel respect for the person (YOU!) who has made it this far through their life, and give up the toxic habits you’ve practiced for so long?  Do you suppose this may change how you wake up each morning?

Suggestion: Before you open your eyes as you awake, breathe deeply and come up with TWO things that please you about who you are!  Savor that feeling as you stretch…and carry that good feeling into your day!

Check out the Coaching Page for more information! http://solutions4well-being.org/?page_id=55