Solutions of Many Kinds!

Solutions for Well-Being covers a lot of ground and that’s on purpose.  I’ve gathered many creative solution options and strategies from my lifetime of learning that meet my needs and ignite my passion!

These options are for you if you’re fed up with using pharmaceuticals to deal with health challenges and discomforts.  Or if you are ready to push through old habits and ways of living that hold you back from your view of success or happiness.  These solutions can support your move from dissatisfied hum-drum living to finding what you really want, what mark you want to leave in the world, and how you’ll make a difference in others’ lives.

Health and Wellness with Aromatherapy

LIsa had lived with allergies and chronic sinus infections, frequent colds and asthma that left her dreading fall and winter, exhausted and dragging her way through the school year, and feeling like she had little to offer her college students.

Prescription drugs caused her more side-affects and distress than they were worth and she was in tears sharing her experiences.  A holistic plan of care was developed with Lisa to strengthen her body systems and immunity; things like diet choices, activity, hygiene support, and aromatherapy products to decrease her vulnerability to pathogens (virus and bacteria).

Essential oils used  in the aromatherapy were used to maintain clear and calm respiratory function, not replacing but augmenting her prescribed medications.  She reports having had only one acute cold last winter and that her symptoms were far less than usual. She reports using only a rare dose of her inhalers and that her MD had reduced the dosage of her maintenance medications.   Her energy level and sense of hope and enjoyment of life have improved and her husband is expressing his gratitude as well!

Life Transformation with Law of Attraction Life Coaching

Phyllis dreamed of writing books and finding ways of offering her life wisdom and professional skills to people in her community.  She had tried tutoring and offering classes but participation dwindled.  Through coaching using Law of Attraction teachings, she got clear about her priorities, her personal value and that of her skills, and discovered ways that she had consistently sabotaged receiving reimbursement for her services and her success over-all.

Phyllis is now providing workshops and group presentations  2-3 times a month in her community and finding people who were hungry for her expertise.  She is delighted to be receiving income for her work!  The books are becoming more clear in form and she is making contacts with those who will assist her with editing, publishing and marketing.

Integrative Health Solutions with HeartMath Tools

Matt wasn’t interested in “woo-woo” stuff but he could relate to HeartMath’s science and research based programs to support individuals to take charge of their feelings and learn tools that bring the body into balance and “coherence” that optimizes good health and well-being.

He learned to use the bio-feedback tools on his computer to use his breath patterns and positive feelings to calm his cardiac and nervous systems, and to meet his life stress in a way that left him feeling powerful and well.

He found that the skills he learned made a difference in his athletic performance as well – he’s looking forward to the next big bike trip to see just how differently his body responds.

Solutions for Everyone

How would it feel to focus on being your very best self and to put yourself first in line for care on a daily basis?  How would it be to meet physical challenges without creating more side-affects or discomfort?  Imagine investing in yourself, your health, vitality and well-being!  I welcome you to browse here to find what may seem like new options or unfamiliar ideas.  I’d love to hear and respond to your questions or comments, or to explore what tools from my bag of healing might be of benefit for you.

May a wonderful and fulfilling life be yours!