Law Of Attraction Life Coaching


 “When you ask, it is given, every single time, no exceptions.  You are beloved, blessed Beings who deserve good things….” Abraham

Can we dare to hope that the Universe has the ability and willingness to provide for us that which we long for, ask for and work to have??? That I might be worthy of having what I want?   How different a world view and experience this is for so many of us who grew up believing a whole different set of beliefs.  Work hard, suffer, earn it.  Or maybe how dare you be so selfish to want more??  There’s not enough to go around!

The teachings of Abraham through Esther Hicks blows the lid off the old ways and offers us a new chance to off-load what no longer serves and choose a more abundant way of being in life, a path with far more positive thought and feeling, even JOY!

 This is one of those ‘mobius strip’  experiences where the concept and the Universal Laws that govern life here are SO SIMPLE, and yet the change in being is both profound and complex in its shifting from one paradigm to another.

Or is it that we humans are just so good at making things harder or more complicated than it needs to be?   Abraham’s quote above continues to say “…but it takes a ‘self-convincing’ before you will ALLOW good things!”  You mean I get in my own way???  All the time!


When all you see is “what is” you manifest more of the same.  If you can shift to see what COULD BE, and start feeling a tiny bit hopeful or excited about it, you start attracting far different experiences, people and life.   That’s Law of Attraction.  Where you put your attention and focus gets energized, even when it’s something you clearly don’t want!  It’s like someone ordering endless late night TV products charged to your account and you can’t figure out how to shut it off!  “No, no, no!!!!” but here it comes.

You CAN learn to put your attention and focus on what you imagine you DO want…..and watch things change.  You can take charge over changing your life experience by changing your thinking, feeling, attention and energy.  Would you have guessed that ‘changing your mind’ would be such a good idea?!

 LIFE COACHING – What is it?

I use Law of Attraction wisdom and tools to support clients in turning around what they no longer want in their life experiences, and to shift their ability to feel good, attract positive experiences and people to their lives, and to live well.

Did you know you can actually CHOOSE how you want to feel???  Amazing.  I can help you figure it out.  I ask big questions, I hold clients accountable to be true to their own goals and desires.  I cheer them on and watch in awe the transformations that the Universe is supporting in these fast paced times.

WHY hook up with a coach?

Because it’s a whole lot faster, easier, less scary, and more fun to have an experienced buddy with you on this journey of change.  Your coach holds the vision of who you REALLY are when you can’t see or feel it, and is your Witness.

Your coach has already journeyed on this road and is offering you a hand.  And this coach knows how to learn and grow through playful means rather than making things hard and painful.  But it’s your choice!


“I appreciated a coach that was of like mind and spirit, to share and reflect as well as listen well.  I admired my coach Debra for sitting in a neutral position of both student and teacher – much love to you. Thank you for sharing these past few weeks with my heart!”

Marla M., RHN/Doula, Whiterock, BC, Canada