About Me

I’m glad you’ve come to meet me and I’d shake your hand or give you a hug if my arms were long enough!  Would you like a cup of tea?

Solutions for Well-Being DEBRA FANT

You may be wondering “Whose voice is this I’ve been hearing on this web site?”  My name is Debra and currently I feel like I’m the proverbial “Old Dog” who is learning many “New Tricks” with creating my business in virtual locations and taking my place in Social Media pages! It’s exhilarating to see form taking shape and to know that we can connect here to explore Solutions together for places in your life where you may feel stuck or spinning your wheels, or where you are looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals or western techno-medicine to support your comfort, life style and good health.  I’m happy to offer you a variety of services that come from my learning as a professional nurse and life-long learner, and someone who is comfortable living outside the box!    I have earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and multiple certifications if you’re interested, but perhaps even better is the life wisdom earned, my sense of humor and the awakening of my heart and consciousness that is on-going!

Maggie Mae

I’m a ‘graduate mom’ whose grands are chickens and cats at this point, a widow content in her own company as long as I have a good dog with which to share, so Maggie and I live in the woods of coastal Oregon and celebrate sun-breaks when they happen.  My garden is my therapist, I love to communicate and share with people, perhaps even you, and am intrigued with how our leaps of personal growth are being called for and supported these days! Yahoo!  I’m eager to hear about who YOU are – let’s get together soon!


“If you want listening, understanding and gentle nudges to move forward, Deb’s the coach for you!  She shines light on her clients in ways that reveal the treasure of your selfhood.”   Kay W., PhD Ed.  Phoenix, AZ USA