A Life Lesson in Three Chapters

Chapter One

It’s hard work to row your boat against the current – so is walking up the stream bed slipping and stumbling over rocks that are slick and unforgiving.  But I’m determined – I’ll do it MY way, I won’t ask for help as that would mean I’m weak.  I’ll get there, no matter the cost in time, energy and comfort.  It’s how I was taught the world is – full of hard work, struggle, and earning your way.  How noble the journey!


Chapter Two

Sitting in mid-current takes weight, determination, and staying power.  It may not be the most comfortable place, but it’s familiar and I know what to expect.  I know I can do it – even though I’m being whittled away particle by particle.

I’ll make do.  I’ll endure. Imagine how scary it would be to be pushed down stream by the current – I’d not know

where I was and be out of control!  Yikes. I’ll wait for what comes to me and hope for the best.   I’ll make do, I’ll endure.


Chapter Three

I let go and fell but landed softly on the water.  Now I’m riding the river, floating along with the current.  Wow – I can breathe and relax while the water carries me, totally safe and peaceful above the current, knowing I’ll make it to the sea eventually.   How relaxed and content I feel……it takes no effort at all!  Why did I wait so long to go down stream?