Coaching Update…

What’s the deal with SOLUTIONS and WELL-BEING?

People tuned into Lack see problems everywhere.  People who are turned on to Abundance see SOLUTIONS!  There are no limits, just many possibilities.  How well do you think you can be when you find you love and care for yourself, feel respect for the person (YOU!) who has made it this far through their life, and give up the toxic habits you’ve practiced for so long?  Do you suppose this may change how you wake up each morning?

Suggestion: Before you open your eyes as you awake, breathe deeply and come up with TWO things that please you about who you are!  Savor that feeling as you stretch…and carry that good feeling into your day!

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What’s in a Name?

Does a name really matter?

I would say yes – it triggers images that pop into our minds’ eye, feelings or remembered associations to the words, maybe expectations related to all that.  In birthing a new business to be the container of my service work in the world, the name of this business seemed like a VERY important detail.  And elusive!  I have pages of brain stormed names, none of which was “the one.”

Some counselled using my name yet it’s hard to hear or spell clearly and I knew I didn’t want that extra fuss.  Others thought using words like ‘enterprises’ was a good and dignified choice but it elicits images of stuffy board rooms and suited men that fits me poorly.  Cute and clever words are almost as off-putting.  What was I going to find to house the varied services I bring to  the world?  My prayers for wiser inspiration seem to have fallen into fertile ground.

One day I coined the phrase “Solutions for Well-Being” which is inclusive of diverse practice, and straddles not only wellness or health but more far reaching states of Well-Being!  I found that not only was that name relatively free of others using it in my online searches, but there were open domains I could snatch for my web resource pages!  The acronym “SWB” isn’t very catchy or easy to say as a business nick-name, but “Solutions” would do nicely.

I recently reviewed material from a course written by Christy Whitman ( that I’ve come to deeply respect for its concentrated and clear description of what it means to be living in the relative unconsciousness of “lack” contrasted to the mirror image of being consciously in abundance.  The first time I read the lists I was dumb-founded to realize how at home I felt living from belief of Lack.

I felt awe to realize that there is a different way of approaching life, and that I could join those who thought differently and experienced the Universe being responsive and abundant in its resources, possibilities, and ‘feel.‘  Struggle replaced with inspired action steps.  Worthiness and confidence instead of doubt and worry.  On these contrasting lists I saw that those living in lack see PROBLEMS.  How well I know!  Those living from abundance see SOLUTIONS!  What a concept.  I want to be one who sees possibility and solutions.

What joy to find that “Solutions” lead the way into my new business – that the many inspired action steps that are part of solutions are the path to being well!  I’m feeling pretty pleased with this name that had been hiding in plain view for quite some time.

Tonight I had a typo moment and read “SOULutions”  in my text.  It stopped me cold as my eye caught the word play and I “got” the message from within about a profound awareness – my “work” in the world is based in soul relationships, mine to “other,” even as we are joined as one through our shared link with Divinity.  How much better could it be???

All will be well – all IS well.  Join me in exploring the soul-utions just right for you in your awakening and life transformation!

A Life Lesson in Three Chapters

Chapter One

It’s hard work to row your boat against the current – so is walking up the stream bed slipping and stumbling over rocks that are slick and unforgiving.  But I’m determined – I’ll do it MY way, I won’t ask for help as that would mean I’m weak.  I’ll get there, no matter the cost in time, energy and comfort.  It’s how I was taught the world is – full of hard work, struggle, and earning your way.  How noble the journey!


Chapter Two

Sitting in mid-current takes weight, determination, and staying power.  It may not be the most comfortable place, but it’s familiar and I know what to expect.  I know I can do it – even though I’m being whittled away particle by particle.

I’ll make do.  I’ll endure. Imagine how scary it would be to be pushed down stream by the current – I’d not know

where I was and be out of control!  Yikes. I’ll wait for what comes to me and hope for the best.   I’ll make do, I’ll endure.


Chapter Three

I let go and fell but landed softly on the water.  Now I’m riding the river, floating along with the current.  Wow – I can breathe and relax while the water carries me, totally safe and peaceful above the current, knowing I’ll make it to the sea eventually.   How relaxed and content I feel……it takes no effort at all!  Why did I wait so long to go down stream?